North Shore Veterinary Hospital opened its doors in 1935 as the new and modern facility of father and son veterinarians, Drs. Elmer and Osman Babson. It is one of the oldest continuously operating veterinary hospitals in Massachusetts.

Elmer Babson started his veterinary practice on the Babson dairy farm at the turn of the last century. He was a professor at the Harvard Veterinary College as well. His son, Osman, joined the practice in the 1930’s after completing his veterinary studies. The practice was owned by Dr Osman Babson until 1973, when it was purchased by his young associate, Dr Leonard Letendre.

Dr Letendre doubled the size of the hospital with a new addition to the original building. His upgrades established the practice as a modern up to date facility.

In 2005 Dr. Donna Heaney purchased the practice from Dr. Letendre. She continues to modernize and update the facility, maintaining the tradition of providing the most up to date care available and serving the North Shore communities.

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North Shore Veterinary Hospital

7 Dr. Osman Babson Rd.
Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-283-0214